Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last Day of School & Beginning of Summer!

The school year wrapped up last week, and I snapped a quick photo for a comparison with the first day of the school year.  While there's not really a good point of comparison (like the mailbox), I think Miss M and Mister J look so much bigger than they did last August!  Miss M's hair has been trimmed once or twice, but she's looking forward to getting it cut 'short' after her dance recital.  Both of the kids have grown two sizes in the past 9 months. 

There was an awards program on the last day of school, and each of our children was awarded with the title of Ravenous Reader!  Miss M talks a LOT about spending time in the Home Living center in her classroom, so we were pleased to learn that she continues to enjoy the reading center, too.  Mister J has made great strides in reading, and is hoping to complete the Magic Tree House series this summer.  I see a lot of trips to the library in our future!  I've printed out a checklist so we can keep track.

We will begin our first full week of summer vacation with a gathering at a bouncy play place, a day program for elementary school students at our church, and some time at the pool.  Oh, and Miss M's food challenge on Wednesday!  It's the first week of 'vacation' - but we won't slow down until at least Thursday! 

As much as I love the structure of the school year, I am excited about the summer.  I'm hoping to keep a little structure in our week - as much as possible with camps and travel - but also balance it with special events and spur-of-the-moment fun.  And, I'll keep you posted here with we've got time!

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