Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tickle Tooth

We're an electric toothbrush family - even the kids.  Every night they rub their noses as we brush their teeth, because the vibrations of the toothbrush tickle.  As a brusher of said teeth, it's a little annoying - their hands get in the way of me trying to see what I'm doing  - but it's what usually happens.  What was a little unusual tonight was something Mister J said to me after I brushed his teeth.

"Mom, I've got a tickle tooth."

My first thought was, "What?!?" - but I caught on quickly enough...  Mister J has his first loose tooth!  It's not very wiggly yet, but certainly enough that the toothbrush would make it feel funny!

It's a big deal, for sure.  Even more so because in his mixed-grade (K-1) class, he was one of the few who hadn't lost a tooth last year.  I'm pretty sure this one will be out before school resumes next month, and I know he'll be excited to show his returning classmates.

(scattered thoughts from here on out - be warned)

Big J and I weren't surprised that it was taking a while to lose the first tooth since it took quite a while for Mister J's teeth to come in as a baby.  Back then, we wondered if he would have teeth by his first birthday! 

Big J asked him what he thought the tooth fairy should bring, and Mister J has requested a dollar coin.  He found it kind of funny that his daddy only got a quarter!  He also says that he's not going to let Daddy pull it, and that he might just wait until it falls out on its own.

Thinking back, I might have been 4.5 of 5 when I lost my first tooth.  Mister J is six and a half!  I guess that's a lot of extra time to develop strong permanent teeth!

I'm not as eeked out by the loose tooth as I thought I would be (I can handle a lot, but eye and teeth issues get to me) - but there's still a ways to go until it's out.  Rest assured, you will get an update then - and photos to boot!

My baby is growing up, y'all!

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