Friday, July 23, 2010

A Party in Every Lunch!

It's Day 5 of this week's bento reveals, and this one's as exciting as all the rest!  Remember what I said yesterday about the classics?  Well, this one reminds me of my other first bento - a whimsy set with a purple case for my sweet girl. They've updated that classic, and it's now Confetti!
What little girl doesn't love purple and pink, with a few other colors sprinkled in for fun?   And I'll admit, I love these colors, too!  They simply make lunch fun!

There have been four other reveals this week - Daisy, Tire Plaid, and Stripes, and Primary.  All of the new bento kits are available today at  Remember to use the code momsmagic for a 10% discount on any purchases.

If you're new to bentos, read some of my "lunches" posts to learn why I'm a fan!  If you are looking for lunchbox ideas, you can subscribe to a monthly RSS feed from Laptop Lunches! 

My kids love eating out of their Laptop Lunchboxes, and are willing to try new things that they find in their bentos.  You can bet I'll be reading these lunch menus to gain some inspiration and add some variety through the school year!

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