Monday, February 16, 2009

Catch-Up Post - Valentine's Day

Here's the post I promised you with the photo of the cute pencil critters we made for Mister J's classmates. See? Aren't they cute?

I strayed this year from my typical 'special love-themed book' as a Valentine's gift for the kids. It's pretty hard to find an appropriate book for a boy beyond age three. So, this year, the kids got something else I knew they would like - rain boots! I will not tell you how many stores I went to in my quest to find rain boots (n.b. - shop online, and early enough to account for shipping time). I will only tell you that there should now be no more fighting over the too-small-for-him, too-big-for-her, formerly-only-pair-in-the-house rain boots that will make their next appearance at the upcoming clothing exchange at our church. And now, check out my cuties as they got their gifts!

Mister J was way excited about his. Miss M wouldn't even try hers on until the afternoon. It's supposed to rain later this week - we will be taking a walk when it does!

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june@craftyniche said...

Aw, the pencils and rain boots are cute Valentine gifts. My 3 year old Sugar Pop loves to play in the rain and mud puddles. :) Thanks for visiting my blog and that's awesome you may be on baby step #3 soon! I can't wait to get there myself and get the Odyssey! :)