Thursday, February 12, 2009

More on the Peanut Recall

It's still weird for me to be shopping as I usually do while there's a massive food recall in effect. If you are someone new to avoiding peanut products, I am sorry that you are having to deal with this. Avoiding peanut products has been 'normal' for us for nearly 18 months now due to food allergies, and the beginning of this particular journey was quite an experience. I know you have probably been surprised to discover how many of your favorite foods contain peanuts. I am surprised and the number of people avoiding non-recalled items that contain peanuts or peanut butter. Thankfully, there are many nut-free options. I encourage you to search online for peanut-free products, and especially to read the blogs of parents dealing with peanut allergies. One of the blogs I read, Gravity of Motion, has a list of allergy and asthma websites. Hop over there to check out Jane Anne's links, and tell her "hi" while you're there.

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