Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ordinary Extraordinary

Mister J stayed for Lunch Bunch after precshool today. As has beome habit when I pack his lunch, I pack one for Miss M, too. Most of the time, she eats whatever is in her box around 10am - she is ready for a snack and eager to see what's inside her LLB. On days when Mister J stays for Lunch Bunch, Miss M and I usually come back home so I can get some work done around the house. Today, though, I had some work to do on a preschool fundraiser and some errands to run. Anticipating this, and knowing the weather would be just a little warmer today, I tossed a beach towel in the mommy-van this morning (I couldn't find a neat sheet). After the errands were over, we parked in the preschool parking lot, spread out our towel on some nearby grass, and had a picnic. We talked to a few folks who were picking up their children, one friend saw us picnicking as she was driving by and stopped for a chat, and then we just walked around a bit (Miss M loves walking on the curbing!).

It wasn't until I mentioned this picnic on my Facebook status, and someone commented on it, that I was reminded about the ordinary extraordinariness of it. Such a simple thing to do - sit on a blanket (um, towel), share some lunch, and enjoy the sun and breeze, just the two of us. What a special mom and daughter moment it turned out to be. I wish I'd thought to pull out my camera - but I bet it would have spoiled our ordinary, extraordinary moment. Not all special moments are about pictures - sometimes the uninterrupted memory is even sweeter.

UPDATE 2/27/09: I've added a new label for my blog posts - Ordinary Extraordinary - so I can tag other simple, special moments like this one. I'll tag old posts as I have time.

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Heather said...

Anna and I wish we were there to picnic with you. How sweet!