Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Overheard #14

My children made a non-sanctioned trip downstairs (what's the past tense of 'sneak'?) before they were dressed this morning. When I found them, Miss M was hiding under a blanket 'tent' eating sliced cheese and playing with Mister J's Leapster. I picked up the cheese to put it back in the refrigerator and the Leapster to put it away. Here's the conversation that followed:

Miss M (in response to me picking up the cheese): "Mommy, don't take my friend!"

Mommy: "Miss M, cheese is not your friend, I promise." (Literally - but that's another story...)

Miss M (thinking of who/what might be her 'friend'): "Candy?"

Oh, yes - I thought it was funny too. And she saw me laugh. She's got me figured out, I'm sure. Have I mentioned that she's 2 1/2?

I wasn't laughing when I found the two cheese wrappers later in the day. I missed them in the semi-darkness of the morning. Time for some more yogurt....


Dad/Grandpa said...

conjugation of the verb sneek.....

Probably more than you really wanted to know.

RLR said...

I bookmarked the site -it's exactly what I wanted to know! (I knew 'snuck' didn't sound right, though 'sneaked' sounds pretty awkward, too!) Thanks, Daddy!