Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mini Muffin Success!

If you have seen my Facebook status in the last several weeks, you will know that, on occasion, I have been frustrated with some mini-muffin pan disasters. I tried to make two-bite brownies, and failed miserably, on two occasions (I thought silicone baking pans would be almost disaster-proof). Today, I had my first mini-muffin pan success. That is, the muffins came right out of the pan as I'd hoped they would - the taste, um, needs some work. But, in case you are interested, I tried this recipe for Pepperoni Muffin Bites from They came out a little bland, and we ended up dipping them in extra sauce. I think next time I might try to put some Italian seasoning, or maybe even the Parmesan cheese, into the muffin batter. I think the fine cornmeal is a must - the muffins had a very nice texture. In fact, I may make the muffins (without the pizza ingredients) again when I have a meal that calls for such an accompaniment. For now, I'm just pleased with the success.

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