Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've said it before...

... and I'll say it again - these lunch boxes are magic!

Preschool was on a 2-hour delay today, so both kids got to stay for lunch. The excitement of staying for lunch ended any disappointment Mister J might have felt about the delay (he loves preschool!). Miss M was excited simply because the lunch boxes were out. Here's what they took for lunch today:

Miss M's lunch
Green container: applesauce
Small blue container: Craisins
Orange container: ranch dip
Pink container: edamame, baby carrots, cucumber hearts
Large blue container: small (one slice) soy butter and jelly sandwich

Mister J's lunch
Yellow container: applesauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon
Blue container: Craisins and chocloate chips
Purple container: ranch dip
Red container: baby carrots and cucumber hearts
Green container: soy butter and jelly sandwich

When I picked Miss M up from preschool, her teachers told me that she had eaten every bit of food and she was licking the dip container. I knew she would be excited about her lunch - it was very difficult this morning to convince her to wait until she got to school to eat her lunch - but I never imagined she'd eat it all!

When I picked Mister J up, I asked him about his lunch. He'd also eaten everything I packed! He and I had an interesting exchange when I was packing lunches this morning. When I asked if he wanted cinnamon on his applesauce he replied that his friends don't like cinnamon. I replied that what was most important was whether or not he liked cinnamon and wanted it on his applesauce. He agreed, but I still wasn't too sure he'd eat it - he usually skips it, but I keep trying.... And today - success!

After seeing how well both of my kids ate at lunch today, I feel like I should call their teachers to confirm that they did, indeed, eat breakfast this morning. I also feel like I should serve every meal in their lunch boxes, and perhaps order another couple of sets!

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