Monday, January 18, 2010


Truly, I think I am one of the few people - ok, maybe the ONLY person - who can get excited about buying a lunch box. But today, I'm excited - and I'll be even more excited in a week or so when this arrives:
Oh, and this, too:
both images from Laptop Lunches' online store

I'm finding myself out for longer and longer portions of the day, eating lunch on the go between appointments, preschool pick-up, dance classes.... You get the idea. I have been eating lunch out a lot lately. As much as I love eating out, it makes much better financial sense to start packing a lunch for myself. Not to mention that it's healthier than fast food and I won't have so many cups, containers, and bags going into the recycling bin and the garbage. Since the kids keep our other LLBs in constant use, it was time to consider purchasing another one.

I've ordered the Bento 2.0 and the Bento Buddies in Berry. I think the larger size and added flexibility of the 2.0 system will be nice for packing 'adult' lunches. I am always surprised by the quantity that a 1.0 holds - more than my preschooler or kindergartner can eat in a single sitting, and definitely enough for an adult lunch. However, I think the added depth of the 2.0 will make packing sandwiches a little easier. I'm also excited about having a lidded medium container to hold servings of wet foods - no more cling wrap needed! I'll be posting about all of my 'discoveries' once the Bento 2.0 arrives - but you already knew that! If you are considering a Laptop Lunchbox, and you're still trying to decide between the 1.0 and the 2.0, I'll be giving my honest opinion about the pros and cons of each one. Stop back by in a week or so - or just add me to your reader to see the latest posts!

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The Smittys said...

you are precious. it must be a mom thing that lunch boxes get us so excited! :)