Saturday, January 9, 2010

True Companion

Meet Bolt, one of a menagerie of friends Miss M has taken to lately. It's been a few weeks, maybe more, and Bolt (who is actually a wolf, but we pretend she's a dog), Edwin (who is a white cat, not a black cat like in the Olivia books), and Bunny (who's actually a bear, but that's yet another story) now outrank the original companion, Kittycat.
So far, Bolt has the most developed personality. She likes to sit on the table for meals (um, no...) and sometimes answers back - thanks to Miss M's budding ventriloquism skills.
Bolt accompanied us on our holiday travel, went to Costco with us this week, and was a backpack stowaway and went to school one day this week with another little doggy friend.
Oh, and that 'leash' that you see? Actually a belt from one of Miss M's skirts, also known as the 'sparkle lasso.' Oh, yeah, she's one imaginative little girl!

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Heather said...

"the sparkle lasso"....I love it! She does have quite the imagination. I'm checking my calendar for MLK weekend.