Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Food

I've had some lunchtime successes this week - mostly with 'little' foods - so I gave them a shot again today. How did it go? Keep reading for the details!

Mister J's lunch - strawberries (finished), carrots and hummus (untouched), Boursin (untouched) and a mini Babybel (finished), Triscuits (finished). He also had Goldfish and Craisins for snack (finished about 2/3). I was really surprised that he didn't eat the carrots and hummus or the Boursin (which he LOVES). Perhaps I didn't send enough crackers.

Miss M's lunch - strawberries, Triscuits, mini Babybel, cucumber cut-outs, a couple of baby carrots, and 1000 Island dressing. I was surprised to find that my cheese fiend ate everything except the mini Babybel. She only took one bite because she didn't like the "cracker dust" (or some similar term for the crumbs) that got on the cheese....

I feel like I packed such a little bit of lunch for her today. I guess it looks small since I put the veggies in the big section. And I'm surprised that he didn't finish his carrots, or even touch them. I think I'm striking out more often that I'm having successes right now, and I just can't figure it out. We've got another long weekend coming up - perhaps I'll take the kids shopping for some new, 'fun' foods. I rarely do that any more - taking them to the grocery store can be, ahem, challenging. But if they will eat, it'll be worth it!

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