Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Basketball

I still don't have any great basketball 'action' photos. I need to take my 'old' camera next week - it has much better zoom, which equals much better photos from the sidelines. However, I do have these shots, which I think are too cute not to share.

Mister J with his biggest fan (aside from Mommy and Daddy)

I got scooted away from the rest of the family to make room for the friend-of-the-day.

It was another great game for Mister J. He made lots of baskets at practice earlier in the week, so he was very excited about Friday's game. Every day this week, he reminded us how many more days there were until 'the big game.' It's a small church league, so with two teammates absent this week he got to play the entire time (hence the red face in the first photo - that was post-game). He really seems to enjoy basketball, except for the buzzer. He was watching the clock last night, covering his ears well in advance of every predictable buzz.

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