Saturday, January 30, 2010

Overheard #26 and #27

In the last week, I've heard doozies from each of our kiddos. Hope you enjoy!

One night last week, as we were putting together the salads for dinner, I realized we were out of Italian dressing. It's Mister J's favorite salad dressing, so I hopped on the 'net to see if I could throw something together from the ingredients in my pantry. I found a recipe that I was willing to try - meaning I had the ingredients on hand and it was easily halved to make a 'test' portion.

He gave it a try, which I was proud of, but then told me that it was, "not quite right to the same Italian in the bottle." He was, for his age, quite gentle and tactful.

Miss M, on the other hand, was not so gentle - she was dripping with drama and poutiness when she told me, "This is not the best day ever!" On this particular afternoon she was tired and I'd had to 'be the Mom' and enforce a rule only moments before, so she was unhappy with me. Still, I had to stifle my giggle until she turned and walked away.

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