Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lunch@ble$, Mom's Magic-style....

On Friday morning, I asked Mister J if he would like a "Lunch@ble" for lunch that day. Wow - I was shocked by how excited he was - and quickly clarified that it would be like a Lunch@ble, but in his Laptop Lunchbox. He was still excited, and helped me get the ingredients from the fridge. (He's becoming quite the lunch-packing assistant!)

We made a "pizza" lunch - whole wheat Ritz crackers, pepperoni (usually turkey, but this time the real thing), and mozzarella cheese cutouts. Here's where things really begin to part from the standard found-in-your-deli-case boxed lunch.... I included carrots with dip and some pineapple chunks.
Once again, mixed results. There were no leftovers of crackers, pepperoni, or cheese. Miss M refused to eat any of the 'pinecones' (aka pineapple) - Mister J ate a portion of his. Miss M ate more of her carrots than I expected, Mister J ate fewer. Really, if I only packed 3 carrots, wouldn't it look like I was starving them?!?

Here's the craziest footnote I could possibly add regarding what the kids are eating lately....

On Thursday night, the kids ate Dream Dinners' Tex Mex Turkey BBQ Wraps for dinner. They loved them. My two "I'll-eat-chicken-but-only-if-it's-a-nugget-and-maybe-sometimes-I'll-eat-sausage-or-bacon" kids ate shredded turkey with sauce, in a wrap. And tonight, they ate a spinach and apple salad with homemade honey balsamic vinaigrette. But they won't eat simple, 'normal' foods in their lunches. Hmmm... Should I be packing fancier lunches?
Miss M is helping toss the salad (sorry for the low quality phonophoto...)

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