Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"No Leftovers" Lunches?

Is it terrible to say I wasn't feeling like I was in my normal lunch-packing groove after the long weekend? I'm hopeful that the upcoming long weekend (yep, two in a row) will end with different results. Still, though, I think I've managed some decent lunches - some of these had almost no leftovers, a sure sign of success in my book!

We ordered pizza on Monday (school holiday for the kids, and work holiday for Big J!), so I sent leftover pizza in the lunchboxes on Tuesday.
Miss M's box - notice the slightly smaller portions. There's an unintended reddish theme going on in there - pepperoni, strawberries, tomatoes, and Craisins in the 'snack mix.'

Mister J's box - carrots and hummus in place of the tomatoes

Every time I send pizza, it's a big hit and there are no leftovers. Mister J's box was empty when he got home Tuesday afternoon. Miss M's box still contained the larger piece of pizza. I was surprised, since she's a bigger fan of pepperoni than her brother.

Mister J's lunch - soybutter and jelly sandwich, Fritos, cherries, cucumber stars and Italian dressing. In addition to this, he took some salt and pepper popcorn for snack time. He ate everything in here except for one cherry. (Really - he left one.) This is the most success I've had with cherries! He wasn't able to finish the popcorn, either, because he "ran out of time." Too much talking, perhaps?

I was glad to see Miss M's lunch box come home empty today (same things as Mister J's lunch, by the way). I've been reducing the portions a little bit at a time, but I also worry that I won't be sending enough. I have to keep reminding myself that she gets a snack midway through the morning.... I'm also wondering why the cucumbers were such a success today. Are my kids picky about cucumber peel like some kids are about the crusts on bread? Hmm... food for thought (pun intended)!


Jane Anne said...

Your lunches still inspire me. I'm still trying to improve.

Nancy said...

Just came across your site while searching for single-serve packaging of fresh blueberries. I have packed my kid's lunches with an eclectic variety of fresh and healthy offerings for years and they now are the envy of their peers (they were once ridiculed for being different, but stuck it out because they liked to eat this way...ahhh victory!)Just curious how you would feel about small packaged fresh blueberries for lunch box use...I know your take on excessive packaging (same as mine - and I work in the packaging industry), but berries need to get to market in some form of pack - this would be an optional size. good idea - or no?

RLR said...

Jane Anne - Thanks! I'm not commenting as much, but still enjoy your posts, too!

Nancy - Thanks for sharing your long-term lunch-packing experience! As for the single-serve blueberry packs, I'm not sure... There are certainly times when disposable/recyclable single-servings are more convenient than dividing a traditional package into smaller portions. However, blueberries already come in such small packages (at least around here) that I think an even smaller package would be a hard sell. If anything, I would love to see larger packages of blueberries in my grocery store! Thanks for stopping by - I appreciate the opportunity to weigh in on your question.