Monday, August 30, 2010

All He Wants for Christmas?

For about a year and a half now, Mister J has been asking for something a bit unusual.  And honestly, he would be pretty excited if Santa brought one.  So, what does a seven-years-old-by-the-time-Santa-arrives little boy want?

One of these....
Do you recognize this?  It's a compost bin.  Yes, my little boy thinks having one of these would be awesome!  And, I have to admit, I think so, too.  I've noticed that we produce one to three cups of compostable food scraps at each meal time.  If I'm prepping fruits or vegetables in advance - like celery or carrot sticks, sliced cucumber, apple wedges, cubed melon, etc. - I have even more scraps that end up going down the disposal.  I'd sure rather be composting it all.  And after two summers of gardening, including prepping the beds, Mister J knows how much compost it takes! 

It used to be a bit of a challenge to walk through Costco in the spring.  Last summer they had a compost tumbler on display, and we had to go 'try it out' every time we were there.  I can't tell you the begging that went on - for a compost tumbler!  I thought we were off the hook a bit this year - they didn't have them in Costco, but we came across the one above at our local Whole Foods.  And then, just last week, he spotted this one ... at Costco. 

from here
It sits on a wheeled base, and the top of the sphere opens to add more compostable scraps and yard trash.  It's 'spinnable' in the store, so you know we had to give it a whirl!

I'll be interested to see what Santa has in mind, since Mister J has already told me that "Santa can't bring one, because he only knows how to make toys!"


Heather said...

Me and Mister J! I would love one. Can Santa visit me too?

Carrie said...

Composter's are subsidized here, by the city. They have composter days several times a year where you can buy a composter for a really good price.

RLR said...

Carrie - wow, that's a great benefit!