Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School (1st grade, Pre-K4)

Ah, the end of summer - back to a routine!  Back to our regularly scheduled activities!  Back to early wake-up calls!

Miss M has been so excited about going back to school!  Uncharacteristically, she was the first kid up this morning, and was cheerful about it, too!  She may be extra-excited because she's full-day this year.  Mister J asked, "Why do I have to get up so early?"  Never mind that he has been getting up early (on his own!) all summer long!  We still managed to make it out the door only 3 minutes behind my ideal schedule (I've already confirmed, I'm a dork), thanks to my very successful preparations last night!

So what slowed me down?  In truth, not the kids.  I wanted to take some pictures!  Forgive the poor color on the lunches - it was overcast this morning, so the natural lighting was non-existent.  (I'm also not taking the time to color correct since I'm anxious to go pick up my kiddos!)

It started with photos of their lunches, which we a little fancier today than normal.  Translation - they had some fun notes and stuff.  See?

Mister J's lunch had:
  • turkey and cheddar sandwich, cut in half, with an apple cutout on the top slice of bread
  • yogurt with a frozen cube of strawberry puree - according to Mister J, it kept the yogurt cold, but was also melted by lunchtime (yeah!)
  • jello - a special treat for the first day of school (I don't usually pack a dessert).  It's hiding under the note from Mom & Dad
  • veggies and ranch dip - an apple-shaped slice of cucumber and some carrots hiding underneath
  • a Phineas and Ferb napkin - another fun surprise
  • an afternoon snack of pretzel nuggets

Verdict:  He ate the whole thing!

Miss M's lunch had:
  • half-sized turkey and cheddar sandwich with an apple cutout on the top slice of bread
  • strawberry yogurt, store bought for the extra fiber
  • jello - again, hiding under the note from Mom & Dad
  • veggies and ranch dip - an apple-shaped slice of cucumber and some carrots hiding underneath
  • a Princesses napkin - another fun surprise
Verdict: Leftover sandwich bits were not a surprise; Miss M prefers American cheese.

And finally, here's a picture of the two cutest kids I've ever taken to school:
Didn't even have to ask him to put an arm around his sister.  But I did have to ask her to not stick out her tongue.  Yep, just a normal day around here. Except for this - I can't remember the last time I was alone in the house.  It's kinda quiet....

Post-school update:  They walked out to the mommy-van holding hands and smiling!  Mister J wanted to talk non-stop about a new computer game he played at school.  He's usually not much of a talker, so I felt a tiny bit guilty for asking him to give Miss M a chance to answer a few questions about her day.  It wasn't long before I turned the conversation back over to Mister J; I could tell that Miss M was worn out after her first full day of school.  After a quick snack once we were home, Mister J invited a friend over and now they (along with Miss M) are playing in the backyard.

Also: check out last year's first day of school post.   Scroll down to see a picture of the kiddos - they have grown so much since last year!

Also posted to What's for Lunch Wednesday (Week 13) hosted by What's for Lunch at Our House.  Click on over to get some great lunch ideas!


Shannon said...

Love it!!! Thanks for linking up.

I am now on a quest for Phineas & Ferb napkins. :o)

Oh, and added a link button if you'd like it, should be on the left side of my blog (finally). I need a designer, it seriously took me an hour to do that and it is with a *photo* not even artwork. ;o)

RLR said...

Shannon - thanks! I've got your button now.
The napkins came from Wal-Mart (party section), and I was glad that they fit perfectly into our Laptop Lunch boxes without folding. Anything to get the kids to use a napkin!

Heather said...

Tear! I can't believe they are on their way to school. Love the lunches and it sounds like they had a great day. Enjoy the quiet!