Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Strike three four!

On the Saturday before our trip, Mister J developed a cough.  He asked to stay home from church on Sunday, so I knew he wasn't feeling well - and the cough was worse.  Guess where we were on Monday morning?  After confirming with the doctor that we'd still be okay to travel, we left with a prescription for a z-pack and an inhaler to treat walking pneumonia.

It's hard to get a 6-year-old to rest - and I mean, lay on the couch and do nothing for 2 days - but we managed.  It's also hard to get the little sister to lave the 6-year-old alone so she doesn't catch the same thing - but we managed.  The hardest part, by far, was putting Mister J back into his own room.  The kids were more than disappointed since they'd been bunking in the same room for over a month - and they are asking when they can return to that arrangement.

We continued to prepare for our long weekend away, including going to Miss M's 4-year well-visit, my orthodontist visit, and a dental visit that I'd rescheduled to accommodate our previous travel schedule.  Oh, and Big J's doctor appointment on Wednesday because he, too, needed a z-pack.  That night, my ears were itchy and I had a sore throat.  Great.  So on Thursday I finished packing, went to my doctor for the 3rd z-pack of the week, and we left town only an hour latter than planned.  I'd contacted the friends we were to visit on Friday and rescheduled to Sunday.  I also confirmed with the friends we'd be seeing on Saturday that we were still good to go.  After resting most of Friday, we continued with our Saturday and Sunday plans - hooray! 

Guess who got her own z-pack today?  Whatever she has is still in the very early stages, but the doctor decided to go ahead and prescribe anyway.  And guess what?  She's congested and miserable this evening, along with the cough that started today.   Hopefully, the meds will kick in quickly and she'll bounce back in time for Grandma's visit this weekend!

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