Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slow Down

Conversation with my son this morning:

"Mom, what was that word you said after you wrecked into that other car?"

Well, I couldn't remember, except that it was likely, "Crap!" or something relatively mild - after all, my kids were right there with me. 

The good news is that we are all ok.  Oh, and the kids got to watch Toy Story 2 while they waited for Daddy to come pick them up and take them on to school. 

I was very fortunate this morning.  First, that we were all okay - though I was mortified that this accident happened while my kids were with me.  Second, that it was just a fender-bender. And truly, just an accident.  I was not a distracted driver.  I was not talking on the phone or doing other non-driving activities when the car in front of me stopped unexpectedly.  It was on an odd little stretch of road where my lane of traffic did not have a stop sign, but needed to stop - quickly.  And I just wasn't quick enough.  Third,that there was only cosmetic damage to the vehicles.  Fourth, that no citation was issued.

After all of the necessary phone calls were made, information was shared, and reports were written up, the police officer who came to the scene said something to me that has stayed with me all day.

"Slow down." 

And while she surely meant it in the "you were probably going just a wee bit fast on the curvy exit ramp" sense, it translated a bit differently in my heart.

I'll explain....

We are at the beginning of a new school year, facing a very busy fall.  Now, that is of our own choosing.  We have scheduled one after-school activity for each of our children and I will be training for a 5K.  I'm going to do my best to participate in a book study with friends.  Doesn't sound like much, does it?  But the kids' activities just happen to be on the same night - one before dinner and one after.  That night will turn into a "fast food or leftovers, adults are lucky to see each other in passing" kind of day.  The trade off is that I'm committed to have lunch with my husband that day.  We will have together time during the day, and the kids will get some one-on-one time with one of us adults.  So far, not bad.  But then there's this - the coached 5K training sessions are two nights per week.  And book study?  Yep, it's the same night as - and on the heels of - one of those training sessions.  I've already been told that I can "come stinky" by my sweet friend Muffy who is hosting the study.  My hubby will be taking over solo that night - and I am already so thankful!  (I'm an "Acts of Service" - can you tell?)   

We are feeling the Gravity of Motion.  None of these activities has even begun, and we are already feeling stressed.  This will be the biggest balancing act we have ever managed.  I also have some big commitments that wrap up this fall (one of which wraps up next month and one that goes to the end of the year).  I cut back on activities when I was preparing to take on these commitments - and turned a couple of other requests down - but I'm still feeling the effects of 'busy-ness.'  So, what to do?  Well, I'm not sure.  Which is why, along with my book study book (Satisfy My Thirsty Soul by Linda Dillow), I've ordered a copy of this:

to help me find some answers.

I'll also be cutting back on some things (Facebook, Twitter, blogging) in favor of family and my own fitness.  It's all about priorities - isn't it always?  And it's just time to re-evaluate.  I hope you'll stick with me even when the blogging slows down.  I've had quite a run of posting these past couple of weeks ((waves to two new followers)), which is a bit unusual, but I've just had a lot to say!  I hope to continue mobile blogging if time allows.  I also hope to post about my 5K progress, the kids' milestones and firsts (will that tooth ever fall out?), and some of the funny stuff they do and say.  Probably less about lunches.  And I'll let you know what I learn from Ann.

Incidentally, I found out about Ann Kroeker's book through Jane Anne's blog, and I now also read Ann's blog (and sometimes participate in her blog carnival, Food on Fridays).  Small, supportive, bloggy world.


Heather said...

So glad you are ok! I hear you on the slow down thing. Sometimes I waffle between slow and fast. I LOVE to have lots to do and often feel bored when we get a chance to sit around. On the other hand, I'm dreading this fall when Patrick's schedule gets busy and we have to fight the momentum of all that entails. Good for you for searching for some perspective. Let us know what you find!

A.D. said...

RLR, I feel your pain and understand how overwhelming this feels for you. I have been doing it many years now and that tight feeling in the pit of my stomach still comes every fall. It will get easier, though! There is a small blessing that you have "double booked" some nights, that leaves you some nights completely open as family time - cherish and and make the most of those nights. And learn to embrace the kid nights, you will form great relationships with the other parents you meet there (you are all interested in the same things, your kids!) And kudos to you for making time for yourself! That is an area that I still struggle with, always room for improvement! Glad none of you were hurt and wishing you the best for this busy fall season!

RLR said...

A.D. - thanks for helping me remember to take a deep breath and find the 'bless' in the 'mess'!

Heather - totally agree about loving something to do! I think we (as wives and moms) always struggle with the 'perfect' balance! I've waited to do the 5K training thinking that it's 'not the right time' - but I think I just have to MAKE it the right time. Easing into dance and scouts next week, 5K training the week after - will let you know how it goes!