Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Post-Allergy First

Over two months after Miss M  was given the "all clear" by her allergist, Big J and I still have aha! moments when it comes to safe foods.  Yes, they are all safe foods now, but our habits aren't so easily changed.  In fact, we have discussed whether or not we will ever stop questioning food safety, and we doubt that it will ever be so.

For instance, on a recent outing we were trying to decide where to go for dinner.  The kids were tossing out ideas (mainly Chick-Fil-A) when Big J proposed a stop at Five Guys.  I've been two or three times before, but I could only go on my own because they serve peanuts.  Big, open boxes of peanuts.  It's completely off-limits for any peanut-allergic family.  In fact, Big J had never been before, but as soon as we remembered that we can go, we headed that way.

So, here's another snapshot of something I never thought I'd see:
That blur is Miss M's fist coming down to smash a peanut open.
And besides the burgers and the super-yummy fries, Five Guys has my respect for this:
Posted on the door as you exit a Five Guys restaurant
 Thanks, Five Guys, for spreading the word about food allergy safety (even though you serve peanuts)!


Jane Anne said...

Were you nervous?!!

RLR said...

The first time she ate peanuts, yes!
I actually carried the Epi-Pens around for a few weeks after we got the all of the results in from the allergist (just in case...).