Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New-School-Year Eve

I just posted this as my Facebook status.

I seriously have nothing left to do to prepare for tomorrow.  This feels weird.

The weird part is that I posted it around 9:30 pm.  That's about 90 minutes ahead of my school-year bedtime.  I feel like I must be forgetting something to be done this early.  So far this evening (since 5pm) I have:

  • Held a "peanut butter alternative" taste test (look for future blog post - with photos).  Both of my kids are in class with peanut-allergic kids, so we'll be using an alternative to PB again this year.  Stay tuned to see which one it'll be.
  • Cooked dinner
  • Cleaned up after dinner - all before I went upstairs with the kids.  That last part there is what makes it a HUGE deal.  (Just FYI, that means I cleared table, put away leftovers, loaded dishes into dishwasher, washed non-dishwasher safe items - all before the start of the bedtime routine.)
  • Packed the kids' school supplies - one paper bag full of 'supply list' items for each of them (we never get the 'real' list before Open House, which was on Monday, so I didn't have quite everything they needed until today).
  • Remembered to include all of the 'first day of school' forms - which I completed yesterday, including a copy for my files and getting them into said files.
  • Prepared the backpacks  - which mainly means cleaning them out from the summer (toys, papers, odd crayons, etc), but I also tucked in a travel-sized pack of tissue.  They couldn't resist the Toy Story-themed packets (Woody for Mister J, Jessie for Miss M) when we saw them weeks ago.  Kudos to me for not losing them by now.
  • Packed their lunches, complete with fun surprises (more details tomorrow)!   Except for the sandwiches.  I'll make them in the morning so the bread doesn't get soggy.  But the bread is even cut in half already, just waiting for the fillings.  Oh, my, I'm a dork.
  • Put the kids to bed on time - really on time - for the first time in ages.  And that includes bathing, flossing, brushing, and reading (3 chapters of How to Eat Fried Worms).  Oh, yeah - I'm feeling like SuperMom.
So, if I got everything done, why does this feel so weird?  When I figure out what I forgot, I'll let you know.


Shannon said...

Hope you got to enjoy that "free time" last night!

Heather said...

Can't wait to hear how the first day goes. Exciting! And you are a super mom.

RLR said...

I ended up folding laundry, but I got to watch a little tv, too - so it wasn't bad! I also realized that I hadn't put milk money with the kids' lunches, so I took care of that before going to bed.

Marcey said...

I wanna be like you when I grow up!