Monday, August 23, 2010

Crafty? Yes.. Creative? No.

"You're so creative!"

I get that a lot.  And while I like to think I'm crafty, it's less about creativity and more about being able to follow directions.  Cut this.  Fold here.  Print this.  Yes, you read that right.  Print this. 

One of my newest crafty loves - free printables.  So quick!  So easy!  Usually just a little cutting and folding required and - voila!

I'm stealing borrowing and idea from One Pretty Thing - a site that has a ton of craft links every. day.  Only OPT has a photo of every craft, and I'm just linking you here with a short description.  I like to print cards (to stuff into my collection of unused envelopes) since I'm really a fan of letter writing.  Most recently, I've been doing back-to-school printables - especially lunch box notes.  One day my kids will outgrow this, and I'll be sad - but for now, I guess there are worse things that printing out free stuff.  I'm going to link you directly to the site with the printable download, but many thanks again to OPT for the links, the ideas, and the craft reading escape on a daily basis!

Backpack Snack Treat Topper (for the first day of school, so print it now!)
After School Convo Cards (hope this is a fun way to jump-start some after-school conversation with my oldest)
Gingham Lunch Note Cards (so cute!)
Lunch Box Love Notes (get out your circle cutter!)
Lunch Box Notes, Tags, and Stickers (customizable notes, and a cute idea for attaching the notes!)
Make My Lunch ... Fun (notes and bag tags)
Lunch Survey (scroll down - probably best for older kids)
Printable Lunch Box Menus (boy and girl designs - 4 per page)
School Notes Printable (scroll down; 2 per page)

And one more, not via OPT:
Super Sweet Lunch Notes (in celebration of the newly-designed another lunch - one of the bento blogs that I read)


ETA:  Look at this post that just came through my reader today.  She has some of the same printables in her post!

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Nikkala said...

Thanks for including my After School Convo Cards! What a an inspiring list you created!