Saturday, August 21, 2010


Oh, my! I'm guessing the Tooth Fairy will be here before the weekend is over!
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Jane Anne said...

So exciting!

Heather said...

How much is she running these days? I hear inflation is steep!

RLR said...

According to my Facebook poll, $1 for the 'average' tooth, with a bonus (anywhere between $2 and $5 per tooth) for the first one, the molars, and/or the last one. My Dad suggested that it might be $10 (um, no...) A teacher friend suggested that she might leave more for clean teeth! That has to be my personal favorite. So, I guess we will know soon enough!
He can now push it even further forward than you can see here, but it doesn't go backward very far. Funny thing - we went to a b-day party today for our dentist's daughter. He offered to help that tooth out, but Mister J wasn't as enthusiastic :)

The Smittys said...

whoa! what a grown up little dude! and holy cow, i'm gonna have to go back to work to pay for all our kids tooth fairy visits. dang.